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Hairless Bods Are Made In Winter

February 9, 2018

If you know me personally, you know i LOVE me some laser hair removal. I tell my clients, coworkers, friends, basically find any way to wiggle it into the conversation. Being a woman is amazing don't get me wrong, but shaving is just downright annoying. I had tried nair, plucking, threading, shaving, burning and waxing and it was all miserable until I fell in love with laser hair removal!

I started out by doing my underarms, then started to do my lower legs, then my bikini, brazilian and now I’m full body baby! Obsessed would be an understatement. When I first started going, some of my girlfriends and I started going to the same place in Mclean, Virginia. Where we met Eva. She’s amazing. She’s so passionate about removing hair and the positive effects it has on your life mentally and physically. She enjoys giving women the confidence to feel sexy and show off their bodies without having feelings of insecurity. Which let me tell you, is the real the real deal.

Being a brown woman, hair just naturally loves me. Which would be great if we were in the wilderness and I needed a fur coat but since that’s not the case the hairs got to goo. Shortly after Eva moved to her own space in Woodbridge, Virginia called Flawless Advanced Laser & Skin Care Clinic. I drive about 40 minutes each way see my girl. Being in the industry, when you find someones work you really value and admire you’ll drive where ever you need to!


Women naturally have a high pain tolerance so to me, it doesn’t hurt. Some people might say otherwise but tomato potato right? Numbing cream is available! It’s a little pinch of hot air and coolness during each zap that goes super quickly. Once the area has been lasered, she applies a post gel and you’re done! For my whole body appointment she schedules for an hour and for a medium area, for example underarms 15 minutes.


Once upon a time, it was. Now in 2018 it’s super affordable and It actually ends up being cheaper than waxing! For 6 sessions for underarms I paid about $150 (not including gratuity) when I first started. When I purchased my whole body package for 6 sessions I paid $1,100 (not including gratuity) and it's worth every dollar! When you buy packages you end up paying way less than than you would per treatment and who wants to waste money?


I absolutely recommend being consistent with your treatments in order to see long term results, as with anything in life. I go in about 7-8 weeks for my treatment. The reason being is because our hormones are part of the reason why we produce hair and while we’re young our hormones are at an all time high. The older you get the less hair you produce. To diminish hair growth, the cuticle needs to consistently be zapped to ensure minimal hair growth. I highly suggest buying a package of 6 for better results!


No matter what when you go in for the treatment you’ll notice the hair start to lessen. However after a long period of time, the hair will go back to its texture and density. So not to say you’ll be wasting your time, but you’ll only see short term results.

Here are some of my pro-tips!


  • Winter is the best time to get your treatments: Sun exposure during treatment period is highly discouraged

  • Don’t wax the area you plan on lasering AT LEAST 2 weeks prior -the laser zaps the cuticle to lessen hair and if the cuticle is plucked it defeats the purpose

  • Have the area being lasered freshly shaven and clean

  • No perfumes/lotions/deodorant/makeup on the area being lasered


  • Avoid sun exposure at all costs at least up to 2 weeks after treatment - the laser is like extreme sunlight exposing your skin and an excessive amount can cause sun spots and scaring

  • Sunblock is not a maybe, it’s a must - especially within the first 2 weeks

  • 2 Weeks after your laser treatment exfoliate the area

  • You can shave in between laser treatments - but less is more

  • Be prepared to see your hair grow and then fall right out!

  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate


Once you start the treatment you’ll notice your hair follicles getting smaller and finer! I If you’re struggling with dark spots due to shaving mostly common in underarms, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see those areas start to lighten.

If you’re over shaving and waxing, looking to save money long term and are ready to invest in yourself, laser hair is an absolute must!


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