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Last Minute Valentine's Day Look

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Need something quick, easy and chic AF? Search no more! Here’s a quick tutorial that’ll be perfect whether you’re spending it with your girls or your man!

  • First prep the hair using your favorite Dry Shampoo: Death Valley by R&Co

  • Curl the hair and use a flexible hair spray: Outerspace by R&Co

  • Take a large section from the back of the nape to just under the occipital bone and create a low side ponytail

  • Start from the back and twist medium side sections and bobby pin towards the pony tail

  • Continue this in the back until you’ve done all sections in the back

  • Tease sections to give more volume and dexterity

  • Start pinning the hair on the opposite side of the pony

  • Leave some pieces out by the ear to create a sexy messy look

  • Work on the last side also leaving more pieces out

  • Curl the hair that needs a little refresher

  • Hairspray all over to ensure the look will last and voila!


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